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Everything you need to your fish farm

We have many different products that are designed with the latest technology to help you in your farm and to make the farm management easier than before

Water Treatment

Water treatment process to get rid of solids and pollutants and ammonia and microorganisms from the water to be processed to obtain pure water and usable again in aquaculture and the different areas like the new water efficiency and minimize the losses to the maximum possible.

Enclosed Fish Farms

The fish farms which contribute to the development of methods of fish farming and converted to manufacturing have all the elements of modern industries where carefully controlled environment conditions (temperature - oxygen - food - type Water Purifier), and can be established anywhere and in less space and doesn't require only a limited amount of water are processed continuously biology.

Fish Hatchering

We design and manufacture the products for marine and freshwater hatching using modern technology and accuracy so mimic natural conditions suitable for the breeding process and ways of living fish to get the most appropriate good health for the fish.

Fish Farms Equipments

We design and manufacture all equipment and fish farms closed and open fiberglass (pond-ventilation equipment and oxygen-alghazaiat-silos and feed stores-various gauges) and live up to 10 years.


Aquaponic is a dynamic, integrated ecosystem consisting of closed farms and agricultural land where you can achieve self-sufficiency for the production of productive agricultural land through intensive fish farms, it helps the production of fish and food crops without fertilizer or chemicals or contaminants in sustained and continuous cycle image included moving away from contaminants that help the growth of transplantation naturally and fast.

Other Products

We have a separate section for custom products that are made from fiberglass material and it's not only related to the fish farms it's related to multiple industry sections too.

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