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Desert fish Farm company was founded in 1999 and the company since its inception and up to date on the latest manufacturing equipment for fish farms and marine hatcheries and design latest technology for intensive Enclosed fish farms to increase farm productivity and lower cost and design techniques for modern equipment and methods of water purification and treatment and reuse again and manufacturing marine equipment and boats and watermarks, and also all ponds are made of fibreglass reinforced steel to withstand the extreme conditions And hard labour for long term business for periods of up to 10 years of work quite efficiently.

The company also owns several patents specific to Enclosed fish farms and hatcheries also intensive closed-door develop feasibility studies and economic studies of enclosed fish farms the company also has extensive experience in fibreglass products and models in various forms and advertising. All our products are manufactured from fiberglass along with other environmentally friendly materials do not cause damage to the plants (desert fish) in Cairo-Egypt and can supply all the products abroad.

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