Fish Hatchering

Advanced technology to increase your farm productivity

We design and manufacture the products for marine and freshwater hatching using modern technology and accuracy so mimic natural conditions suitable for the breeding process and ways of living fish to get the most appropriate good health for the fish.

Marine Hatchery

Marine is spawning by hatchery ponds containing marine soothing maternal fish ponds (hemisphere) manufacturer of fiberglass powder from home and abroad and by delivering real-time bar 6 bar air : 10 bar air to achieve conditions in natural areas at sea or ocean to hatching eggs.

Freshwater Hatchery


Contains machine and its spawning cone consisting of fibreglass cone soft inside and outside and transparent and contain Chinese lastfabal water after turning the eggs and to Exchange. Can spawn all kinds of fresh fish such as (almbrot-tilapia. catfish-....)

Available sizes: 8l - 12l - 16l

Hatching Machine

The machine consists of a transparent glass zograt by the Crown of Faiberglas from the top and bottom and ponds receive larvae and loaded on chassis insulated and equipped with water network with the necessary valves and blocks allocated to it and the water flow from bottom to top for flipping eggs well. Available Sizes: A machine consists of 16 zogr glass - a machine consists of 20 Zugerglass. There is also a Fiberglass Zuger for a natural food for the fish transparent or opaque capacity (300 liter - 400 liter - 600 liter).

Available sizes: 300 liter - 400 liter - 600 liter

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