Increase your agriculture productivity with fish farms

Aquaponic is a dynamic, integrated ecosystem consisting of closed farms and agricultural land where you can achieve self-sufficiency for the production of productive agricultural land through intensive fish farms, it helps the production of fish and food crops without fertilizer or chemicals or contaminants in sustained and continuous cycle image included moving away from contaminants that help the growth of transplantation naturally and fast.

The Most Natural Plant Ever


Although they are grown without soil, but they are more nature and healthy and with good taste, it does not contain any chemicals or industrial composting where they can cultivate different types of plants, such as: (lettuce - watercress - tomatoes - basil - pepper) and help to increase great in the growth of plants in less time plus less energy consumption and less effort and given an aesthetic view of a wonderful, healthy food and the content of a beautiful taste.

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Hydroponic SystemIn Your Agriculture Farm

Hydroponics are without soil, where the soil is considered the center rack of nutrients and kept the water needed by the implant in order to grow naturally in soil, but with all the appropriate places are not available for it are considered hydroponics Bashaddam best fish farms. Where plants are placed into tubes and water are required and fertilizer resulting from aquaculture and natural soluble in water and provide exposure to the sun that helps the plants grow faster and more the nature of the planted in the soil.

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To Help You In Your Farm

this system allows dual production of fish and plants. So, during a single production cycle, it is possible to get fish products, as well as cultivating leafy- plants at the same time, and with the same effort and operating costs. This is not limited only to production options, but also extends to the quality of the product. Through this system, it is possible to obtain high quality organic agricultural crops, as they originally derive their nutrients from the water resulting from fish culture ponds without adding any fertilizers or chemicals.

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